Lila Way

Hey everyone, thanks for checkin’ out my tattoo gallery! As you can see, I don’t have a particular style that I stick with. I get bored very easily so I love getting requests to do new and exciting things!! I have been tattooing for about 14 years at this point in time, although when I started is all a blur to me now. I can be found at True Grit Tattoos Monday to Friday, week after week, 8 hours a day. However, those hours are ALWAYS with a client.                                                            My consultation time was Wednesdays at 6:30PM. I am currently NOT doing my typical Wednesday night consults. I will still do consults via E-mail ([email protected]) and book some stuff that way, however bear in mind I am booked until spring 2019. I will resume normal Wednesday night consults in March of 2018.

                                                           Rate: $165/hr