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Are deposits refundable?

Please be certain of your commitment as deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Artists spend time communicating with you/ working on art/ doing research etc, and need to be compensated as such. Everyone’s time is valuable and should be respected.

What services do you offer?

We offer tattooing. Lila no longer does cosmetic tattooing as she does not have time

Are you regulated or licensed in any way?

The only regulation in our industry is health board regulation. Which is basically an over sight on proper sterilization and disinfection procedures. We far surpass these regulations.

As for artist license or regulation… there is nothing in Canada that regulates or license artists. Which means any joe-blow can open up a tattoo studio and call themselves a professional. This is why you see an abundance of tattoo studios opening up.

It is up to the client to do their research and find an artist that is knowledgeable and knows what they are doing, both in art and aseptic technique.

All of our artists are trained in blood borne pathogens, infection control and follow aseptic technique.

How old do you have to be to receive a tattoo?

18 with photo I.D. no exceptions! For hands, face and neck tattoos you must be 21+ with visible tattoos.

What types of I.D. do you accept?

Government issue I.D. Drivers License, HealthCard, Age of Majority card, Passport.

What happens during the tattoo consultation?

You will sit down with the artist and go over what you want of your tattoo. Please bring all and any reference related to your tattoo, so you and your artist are on the same page with what you want done. After speaking with the artist your appointment will be set. A $40 deposit is required for an initial first hour of the appointment booking. Additional $20 is required for any additional hour booked. So if you book a 4 hour appointment, we require a $100 deposit.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?

The deposit secures your appointment and is for the artist to draw up your design. The deposit will be carried over until the last appointment, in which it will be taken off the final price of the tattoo. In the event that you only require one appointment, it is taken off the final price of the tattoo at the end of that appointment.

What happens if I don’t show up for my tattoo appointment?

If you do not show up for your appointment or call to cancel/reschedule your appointment, no longer then 48 hours prior to the appointment, your deposit is lost. If you want something drastically different then the agreed upon design, you will loose your deposit.

How come I can’t just walk in for a tattoo?

With the busy nature of our artists, we can not take walk in clients. Though the odd time we may be able to accept a walk in, such as in the event if someone didn’t show up for their appointment or canceled at the last minute. As long as your design doesn’t require too much alteration we would then accept a walk in. Please call or drop by the studio to see if we have an available appointment that day.

What should I do before my appointment?

Eat a well balanced meal, no longer the four hours prior to the appointment. Eat something high in protein and natural sugars. Show up on time, clean, sober and freshly showered.

I have come down with a cold… now what?

Call the studio to reschedule. Getting a tattoo while sick is NOT a good idea. Your asking too much of your immune system.

Can I get drunk, high or otherwise intoxicated before my appointment?

Absolutely not! Consuming alcohol thins your blood and thus will make you bleed more, resulting in bleeding out ink of your tattoo and causing more bleeding for a piercing, resulting in not clotting properly. Being intoxicated in any sense is not a conscience decision. We will not be held responsible for any ill effects in the procedure or healing should you hide your intoxication from us. At this point we will not guarantee the work done.

What is your rate for tattoos?

Greg is $140/hr and Kirsty is $150/hr. This rate applies to larger pieces, we flat rate the smaller single sit stuff

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! All tattoos are guaranteed and we offer free touch ups for up to 6 months past the initial appointment, provided all aftercare instructions have been followed and no visible tampering (picking at scabs, friend took a brillo pad to the tattoo etc…) has been done during the healing process. Though we do not offer free touch ups for tattoos on the hands, neck, feet or face due to the oily nature of this tissue and the rate of regeneration of the tissue cells.

Do you offer private procedure rooms?

Oh course! We have a private tattoo room, and a semi-private tattoo room. We realize that receiving a tattoo is an important and sometimes nerve racking ordeal. We are here to help make you feel comfortable through this process. How can one feel comfortable with strangers staring at them during their procedure? We value our clients who would rather not have everyone know of their private decisions.