Lila Cover-ups

Here are some things everyone considering a cover-up should know: First off, you don’t have to put a big, black blob over what you are covering. There are many options. Tribal is often one of the worst things to use for a cover-up because of the negative space that is left… you end up with the old design sticking out all over the place!! Second, please don’t come to me expecting me to put a soft, pink flower over a black blob (yes, this is a common request)…it’s not going to work. Get a piece of black paper and scribble on it with soft pink pencil crayon and see what you come up with. πŸ™‚ Third, price shopping probably isn’t a good idea, and may be the reason why you are in this situation to begin with. Cover-ups take time. More time than starting with a fresh piece of skin, and they are challenging and somewhat stressful. Now, if you want to discuss a cover-up we suggest calling the shop to book a consultation. Consultations are FREE. Please come prepared and bring LOTS of ideas and reference material. I say lots of ideas because not all things you may want will be possible, so you need a back up plan. And plenty of reference so we are certain we are on the same page (you want a rose for example? There are 20 ways I can draw a rose, so by bringing reference you eliminate any guess work ). Also, the consultation is necessary. Some people will try to email photos, however I cannot truly tell how dark or faded they are this way. Often photos can be deceiving.

Cover-ups are challenging and for this reason I find them particularly enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to look at my gallery and hopefully we’ll see you at True Grit in the near future.